FREEFORM EVENTS exclusively use BAGJUMP the pioneers of airbag systems. The reasons we choose to partner with BAGJUMP are simple… their unrivalled passion, innovation and experience. As former professional snowboarders and absolute sport enthusiasts they realised the need for safer training possibilities to progress without getting injured. So they created the BAGJUMP product range that allows athletes to have fun and achieve new limits safely.



FREEFORM EVENTS and BAGJUMP feel extremely fortunate to be involved in the progression of extreme sports and the leisure industry to bring great experiences and more safety to jumpers around Australia. We love what we do and are excited about working with new sports and clients.



It takes guts. BAGJUMP have been innovating airbag technology in partnership with the world’s leading athletes and brands to achieve the unthinkable. They continue to build new prototypes from scratch with the world’s best athletes and to break ground where no one has gone before. When FREEFORM EVENTS needed a partner to exclusively supply airbag systems BAGJUMP was the natural choice.



BAGJUMP has significant experience with over 2,000 projects in extreme sports, sports facilities and safety systems. They have gathered lots of insight in the safety, functional, manufacturing and material selection of airbag systems. Thanks to their team of in-house engineers they are able to bring ideas to reality very quickly and efficiently. This experience has been shared with FREEFORM EVENTS to ensure our athletes and clients can achieve new limits in the safest possible environment.