Product Range

FREEFORM EVENTS are the proud owners of both the Inflated Landing and Landing bags. These bags are manufactored by the industry leader BAGJUMP and FREEFORM EVENTS are the only owner of these bags in Australia. The BAGJUMP Landing Airbag offers the ultimate training scenario. Whether you want to go huge like the professionals or you are practising your first jumps, the Landing Airbag will soften your crashes and even allow you to ride away from your trick if you land wheels/base down.


Allround Airbag

The BAGJUMP Allround Airbag is the ultimate training tool for FMX! It allows athletes to practice in a safe environment to learn a new tricks or professionals for contests and to stay on top of the competition without months of downtime due to injury. Traditional foam pits for FMX have burnt to the ground due to petrol spills and hot engines, riders get stuck and it takes them a long time to get out with the help of a crane while being stuck in a highly flammable environment that can ignite any second while waiting to get pulled out.


Landing Airbag

Our BAGJUMP Landing Airbag was first introduced for the FMX elite, but quickly spread across to other sports. Nowadays this is the state-of-the-art training tool for FMX, bike and skate. The Landing Airbag can be used for skiing and snowboarding on snow in the winter or on a dryslope in the summer for year-round training. The special topsheet material ensures that you will not stick to the topsheet, to avoid injury.


Inflated Landing Airbag

This is a gamechanger for ramp technology. This portable landing will not only save you countless hours in setting up and tearing down instead of a scaffold/dirt but will also save you huge amounts in storage space when traveling around. It is pressure adjustable so you can make it extremely firm, but also adjust it softer for some more forgiving practice sessions.

With our moonbooter wedge, you can adjust the landing angle and height to allow usage of different take-off ramps in the same show. The landing is completely adjusted to different angles and heights in a matter of minutes.